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Nourhan Maher


Brief info

She is inspired by nature in all my artworks am always trying to extract from them a new sculptural form which includes all visual concept so that the audience can interact with those forms in every aspect through shadow and light and every detail.

participated in several exhibitions such as: - -
-Safina 4. 2014
- ministry of youth and sports creativity competition 2015.
- design guide sculpture exhibition 2016.
- Agenda 2018
- youth salon 2018
- Dai festival for Arab youth 2018
-Alexandria stone sculpture symposium 2016 and also participated in its workshop exhibition.
-Damietta stone sculpting symposium 2017.
-Aswan international stone sculpture symposium 24 .. 2019.
- Nout sculpture salon 2020.
- Egypt international art fair 2020.

Projects by Nourhan Maher