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Mohamed edres


For him, Drawing and Painting is a lifestyle!

he wakes up daily every morning or earlier,

Reflecting on the sky watching sun rise

Fascinated by the collected clouds while they are being colored by the golden rays of the sunlight.

Following the degree of light and shadow all day

Early in the morning, till sunset while the color is changing to a fascinating crimson light out of the sunset and finally when it becomes dark

Every moment during the day, and every view during the night is a new Artistic idea for me that he is aspiring to embody

History, civilizations, heavenly messages, and the sound of the caller to the Prayers in the Eastern cities, all those factors are calling me to record them in my paintings

Drawing for him is a personal record that enables him to discover the unseen of me through painting and drawing

Artistic craft for me is not something easy and when it comes to imagination, I do not accept the easiest solutions

Every project for me is a brainstorming process, recalling my experience and reflecting upon the universe to express the environment in an informed and challenging style.

I consider every drawing as a major influencer for the audience to let him reflect upon his soul and regain his inspiration

Ahmed Darwesh


Merna Magdy


Ghada Glal