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Atyaf Sakandrya / Amira Ahmad Abd Elwahab

Amira Ahmad Abd Elwahab

20221229 135141

Amira Ahmed Abd Elwahab
 Bachelor’s degree, Academy of Arts in Cairo Higher Institute of Theatrical Arts,
“Theater Decor”.
 Worked as a teacher in faculty of specific education in Alexandria.
 Member of the fine artists syndicate in Cairo.
 Member of Artists and Writers Group Workshop in Alexandria.
 Several professional experiences in decoration, earthenware and interior design.
 Participation in collective exhibitions in Cairo and Alexandria.
 Awarded from the Ministry of Culture for four consecutive years.
 Awarded from the Academy of Arts and received many certificates of
appreciation from exhibitions and forums.
 Collectibles at the Ministry of Culture and at the museums of the country
(Modern Museum at the Opera House and Suez Canal Museum in Ismailia, and
collectibles of some individuals inside and outside Egypt.

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